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Energy and Utility industry

One of the most dynamic industries in the world comes with its share of responsibility. The continuous challenges like changes in government policies, protecting the environment and mergers make it a very demanding industry. It has to deal with all these challenges along with meeting the rising consumer demands.  All this pressure of meeting consumer demands and taking care of other challenges leaves no option with this industry but to make optimum use of emerging technologies. Technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence are few latest technologies that energy and utility industry can make full use of. These technologies play a very important role in analysing the energy consumption behaviour of the customers and in turn save wastage of energy making companies more productive and profitable.

With all these changes happening in this industry, there is a lot of demand for qualified candidates. Collabera, being one of the best staffing companies, has the right team in place that understands the energy and utility industry and the emerging technologies alike and can help clients find the exact match. The team also has extensive exposure of government laws and policies which helps in providing smooth and seamless services to the clients. Vice president, Quality Services, of one of the top five public utility companies said, “Collabera offers a unique model of employee engagement and ensures involvement of managers. Employee relations team takes care of all the daily affairs of the employees because of which my team can extensively focus on achieving objectives of the projects instead of managing resources.”

Collabera completely understand the challenges the companies in energy and utilities companies face as they have a proper experience of working with top energy and utilities companies around the world. They have the expertise in servicing these companies and they know exactly what is required by these companies in terms of their resource needs.

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