During Covid-19, Network / IT Support Engineers Struggle as Emergency Staff

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During Covid-19, Network / IT Support Engineers Struggle as Emergency Staff

Understand why it’s never been easy for these SA’s and Network Engineers to get things sorted when employees work from home this Lockdown! Their work has scaled beyond ‘repairing printers’ this Pandemic. Listed among the most stressful #jobs in the IT industry today is that of a system administrator. Be it an Email server failure at 2:00 am (GMT+8) or the continuous browsing through hundreds of websites and servers that employees work around. They have to be prepared and worried if the software /hardware provided are not secured or audited by experts.


Server Room

Collabera has helped our client ease the troubles of a System Admin in due time

From sourcing capable shoulders, new recruits to ease the workload of SA to aligning vendors for their contract renewals and licenses checks – Collabera has delivered it all in last few years. In fact our latest solutions are all around helping SA get maximum advice, security, helping hands, by giving them an extended team engagement where they can get all their difficult headaches aligned.  Contact Collabera Malaysia today and let us understand your troubles better. 

Be it the confidential information from the accounting department, director’s desk or even the new upcoming request for proposal from a new client. Network infrastructure needs to be top concern for every organization.  Whether, it is the conference room display, or the confusing red and black wires in the server room, the AC adapter in the Chief Advisors’ cabin or the internet bandwidth for the portals. They run the show every time in the background – without much credibility. There is very little attention given to a resource within these concrete structures, no one considers security threat, hackers, and the number of backups  they must take to protect himself/herself from disasters, human or otherwise.

Outsource your System administration worries to us at Collabera, we hire and reward professionals who plan and create the best computer system configurations.  We help your company integrate the best networks to ensure consistent data flow. Customers who follow our best practices save time and money to clean up after an attack that a user with administrator access has gained. Experienced technical engineers review software installations, modifications and settings to limit the impact in case of a data leak or fire.

Well trained SysAdmin is a blessing for the organization.

They aid developers to spend more time developing new applications and services, revising projects in the current pipeline, fixing support escalations, and so on. Knowledge of the entire application infrastructure and its configuration is crucial for the success of SysAds. These tools allow the system administrator to automate a range of tasks and configurations, resulting in fewer errors and faster deployments.

The system administrator (sysadmin) is the person responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of the system. To meet these needs, he or she may maintain security policies, supervise employees, provide routine automation, provide technical support for projects, purchase, update, install or update computer components and software, monitor systems and services across the world. The easiest way to find out if you are specifically looking for a system administrator is to look at the job boards or contact us directly via portal or visit us at Kuala Lumpur.



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